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Korg Pa Manager 2.1 Crack claearl




juha_, :) pakage name are decided by us not them. so when package fix is released in the official repository they just replace the old package. :) I got the same problem. Tm0234: eh? Tm0234, If he is trying to run it as root then yes but we can't say its the only cause robin0800, but it is possible to do it without root. robin0800: No, but root is the one way to kill the process. you must be logged as root. robin0800: well, sure... if you kill the process from command line with sudo then it's not "fatal" robin0800: but that's a different issue than his "no sound" issue. robin0800: When he says "no sound" what do you think he means? Tm0234, Yes but why run as root then robin0800: "why" is not really important. I just know that in the past, using the console, people were discouraged from using the GUI and it is usually safer to use the command line. robin0800: It can make a difference. robin0800: And besides, the package "alsa-utils" contains the alsa-base and alsa-utils packages. robin0800: I don't know what you're afraid of. robin0800: It's extremely easy to fix. robin0800: Open a terminal, type "sudo alsa force-reload", then type "killall pulseaudio". robin0800: And "pulseaudio -D" Greetings, I am having problems with the Kubuntu 10.04 64-bit install CD, the installer will not run properly without a login, so it boots into a live session only.



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Korg Pa Manager 2.1 Crack claearl

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